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Surgery and Anesthesia

Lexington Animal Clinic provides in-house, surgical care for our patients. Surgical procedures include but are not limited to spays, neuters, declaws, mass removals, orthopedic surgery and oral surgery.

What Pain Control Is Used During Surgery?

Like human medicine, a multimodal approach is used to control pain at Lexington Animal Clinic. Pets feel pain and deserve appropriate pain control before, during and after surgical procedures.

What Are Pre-Medications?

Before surgery medications are administered to calm the patient and reduce pain. Controlling pain becomes more difficult after the pain pathway is activated. Medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines are commonly given as pre-surgical medications.  We select these medications based on the individual. Factors that contribute to drug selection include age, anxiety, procedure, organ function and cardiac status.

How Will My Pet Be Monitored During Anesthesia?

Surgical monitoring is a crucial part of anesthesia. At Lexington Animal Clinic, we have well-trained technicians dedicated to each anesthetic procedure. We also have a state-of-the-art  anesthesia monitoring machine that tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, electrocardiogram, end title carbon dioxide, arterial oxygen saturation and indirect blood pressure. When your pet is undergoing an anesthetic event at Lexington Animal Clinic, you can rest assured he or she is in good hands.

After Surgery Does My Pet Need Pain Medications?

No pet should ever have surgery without analgesics. Your pet will need medications to control pain after any surgical procedure. Common post-surgical pain medications include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDS, opioids, neuropathic pain analgesics and local analgesics.

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